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Rags, Bones and Donkey Stones

Rags, Bones and Donkey Stones

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Returning home from France in April 1919 scarred both mentally and physically, Liam Murphy looked forward to rebuilding his life. But so much had now changed. His wife, Bridget, was doing household repairs; his son was sitting in his Dad's chair; jobs that the men had left when they enlisted were now taken by women; and Liam's trade as a carter was rapidly being taken over by the motorised trucks.

In this sequel to 'Made in Myrtle Street' Liam finds himself frustrated and despairing, his family hungry. He acquires a rag-and-bone round and is astonished when he feels in the inside pocket of his suit given to him by the formidable, recently widowed, Nellie Grimshaw. He discovers a small high quality painting of a young couple. The woman, with expensive jewellery and clothes, is lustrously beautiful whilst the man at her side is-him. Liam, with no recall of either the woman or the painting struggles for the explanation and is haunted by its implication of his infidelity.

Pip, the daughter of his long-time pal, and her best friend, Amy, take up the challenge of finding an explanation and slowly unpick the surprising, and sometimes uncomfortable, revelations about the intriguing woman and her connection with Liam.

Author B A Lightfoot

Published by Ranelagh Books Limited

31st August 2012

352 pages (English Language)

ISBN 978-0-9561468-2-3


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