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The Calm & Cozy Sleep Kit

The Calm & Cozy Sleep Kit

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The Calm & Cozy Sleep Kit: The Ultimate Guide on How to Fall Asleep Effortlessly and Naturally

The Calm & Cozy Sleep Kit includes everything you need to transform your sleep routine and restore your vitality: sleep guide, sleep journal, sleep mask, and lavender incense cones.

Sleep is the ultimate act of self-care, yet the quest to get a good night’s rest is never ending. With The Calm & Cozy Sleep Kit, you’ll learn about a multitude of fascinating sleep topics, from sleep basics to waking up in the morning, including:

Perfecting your sleep environment
Celebrating sleepiness
Changing your relationship with your bed
Practicing peaceful bedtime activities
Create a bedtime routine that can help relieve stress, calm racing thoughts and worries, and prepare your mind and body for rest. To help you get started, this kit includes:

64-page guide to gaining restful sleep
32-page sleep journal to help you clear out worries, track sleep patterns, and record your dreams
A gold satin sleep mask to block out light and help you stay asleep
Lavender incense cones to create a comforting environment
The Calm & Cozy Sleep Kit shares tried-and-true tips to help you fall asleep(and stay asleep), effortlessly and naturally. Change your relationship with sleep and make a significant impact on your health, happiness, and success in life.

Includes: 64-page sleep guide, 32-page sleep journal, sleep mask, 10 lavender incense cones Paperback – 31 May 2022

ISBN-10 0785840567
Publisher- Chartwell Books



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