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The Manningtree Witches

The Manningtree Witches

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The Manningtree Witches Paperback – 28 Oct. 2021
by A. K. Blakemore (Author)

Fear and suspicion take root among the women of Manningtree, when the Witchfinder General comes to town...

England, 1643. Puritanical fervour has gripped the nation. In Manningtree, depleted of men since the Civil War began, the women are left to their own devices and Rebecca West chafes against the drudgery of her days. But when Matthew Hopkins arrives, asking bladed questions and casting damning accusations, mistrust and unease seep into the lives of the women. Caught between betrayal and persecution, what must Rebecca do to survive?

Print length- 304 pages
Language- English
Publisher- Granta Books
Publication date- 28 Oct. 2021

Dimensions- 12.9 x 1.8 x 19.8 cm
ISBN-10 1783786442

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