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Tripe 'n' Trotters - Tales of a Post-War Northern Childhood

Tripe 'n' Trotters - Tales of a Post-War Northern Childhood

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'Tripe and Trotters' is an anthology of factual short stories about growing up in Salford, an industrial city in the North-West of England. The stories examine different aspects of post-war life in the 1950s through the eyes of a child. Despite the deprivation and hardship of these times, the tales reflect the irrepressible sense of humour of the city's population and their innate ability to bounce back in adversity. The book's candid and amusing delivery will rekindle memories of those who lived through that era. A series of cartoons complementing each story adds to their charm.

Authors Brian Carline and David Summerville

Published by Grosvenor House Publishing Limited

30 January 2012

144 Pages (English Language)

ISBN 978-1-908596-99-4

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