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Volcano Comics The Mancunian

Volcano Comics The Mancunian

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Mancunian comic tells the adventures of Manchester’s very own superheroes - Mancunian and Impact. This all-ages comic is set in and around Greater Manchester with excellent attention paid to the city’s physical and cultural background.

The first issue centres on an unintended legacy of the Salford artist L.S. Lowry and the weird story of what happens when someone accidently brings to life his world-famous Matchstick Men. Look out for well-known Salford landmarks as our ‘dynamic duo’ spring into action.

Issue two highlights Manchester’s rich roman history when Mancunian and Impact encounter the power of The Centurion. This story begins in the historic area of Castlefield before moving into the heart of the new Manchester with a showdown in the Arndale centre.

Each issue also has features on the locations highlighted in the stories, historical background and hero files.

This is a 32 page, full colour fun package that celebrates Manchester as the marvel we all know it to be.

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