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Adolphe Valette Art Print- Windsor Bridge

Adolphe Valette Art Print- Windsor Bridge

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Adolphe Valette Art Print- Windsor Bridge 

Pierre Adolphe Valette (13 October 1876 – 18 April 1942) was a French Impressionist painter. His most acclaimed paintings are urban landscapes of Manchester, now in the collection of Manchester Art Gallery. Today, he is chiefly remembered as L. S. Lowry's tutor.

A smog-filled, hazy view of the River Irwell, seen from the riverbank with the Irwell Street Bridge (incorrectly identified as Windsor Bridge) overhead. In the foreground to the right, on the edge of the bank is a dark, solitary figure wearing a brimmed hat and knee-length coat. He is stood with his hands in his pockets looking out across the still water. On the left, a barge with a smoking funnel noses into the scene, about to pass under the Irwell Street Bridge on the right. The bridge is characteristic of the industrial era with open ironwork construction and arched sides. On the far side of the bridge is a second, similar barge; its lights visible through the haze. The vessels are a known as a 'Mersey Flat', a wide variety of barge used for transporting goods.

Now on display at Manchester Art Gallery

Size 32cm x 45cm

This print comes unframed

Please Note: This print has been in storage and therefore is in a Good/Fair Condition due to long term storage with some light yellowing to the edges and some slight storage marks. All funds raised from the sale of this item will go towards the upkeep of Salford Museums & Galleries.

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