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Greater Manchester's Past Revealed 13- Greengate Archaeology

Greater Manchester's Past Revealed 13- Greengate Archaeology

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Greengate The Archaeology of Salford's Historic Core. Number 13 in the collection of Greater Manchester's Past Revealed Series by Richard Gregory and Ian Miller.

Salford has been an important settlement since the medieval period, with its historic core arranged around the three principal streets of Greengate, Chapel Street and Gravel Lane. It emerged as a key industrial town during the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, characterised by its numerous textile mills and finishing works, notable engineering works and vast areas of workers' houses. 

Since the late 1980's, Salford's early remains and those relating to its industrial heritage have been rediscovered through archaeological excavation. This booklet presents the results of these excavations, particularly that on Greengate, carried out by Oxford Archaeology North. This excavation, together with those in the surrounding areas, has provided significant insights into the rich and complex history of this important medieval, post-medieval and industrial-era settlement.

Published by Oxford Archaeology North Ltd 2015 and Funded by Renaker Build Ltd

ISBN 978-1-907686-21-4

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