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Salford Art Gallery L.S Lowry Vintage Photo Slides

Salford Art Gallery L.S Lowry Vintage Photo Slides

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Salford Art Gallery Vintage Photo Slides in sets of 5 by English Life Colour Slides.  L.S Lowry (1887-1976)

Set 1:

A Flyde Farm 1918

Regents Street Lytham 1922

A Landmark 1936

House on the Moor 1950

The Lake 1951

Set 2:

Arden's Farm 1909

Clifton Junction 1910

Wet Earth, Swinton 1920

Swinton Moss 1922

House of Botany 1926

Set 3:

Yachts 1920

Rhyl Harbour 1925

Yachts 1959

The Sea 1963

Waiting for the Tide 1967

Set 4:

Portrait of a Man 1908

Male Nude From The Antique 1911

The Artist at Salford School of Art 1927

Seated Male Nude 1914

Model with Head Dress 1918

Please note these are vintage stock which have been in storage and therefore are in a Good/Fair condition. All money raised from the sale of these items goes towards the upkeep of Salford Museums & Galleries.

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